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Broken Arm

Title: Broken Arm
Prompt: #3 Wilson breaks his arm/leg/clavicle/etc. ...and House is the one who broke it.
Rating: R for language and references to sexual sitations
Character(s)/Pairing(s): House/Wilson friendship (pre-slash if you wear goggles), House/Cameron friendship, Chase/Cameron (alluded to)
Warnings: If you haven't seen any of season 6, then proceed with caution, and assumes this occurs at some point before Chase/Cam start assisting Foreman with diagnostics.
Word Count: 1044
Beta: my wonderful friend arhh
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I don't even have a job.
Summary: for
 Wilson breaks his arm.

     After a long week at the hospital House and Wilson were hanging out at home, getting ready to watch a football game on television. Wilson really wasn't up for cooking so they decided to hit their favorite Indian place before the game started at four.

     After bundling up in winter gear, they headed out to Wilson's car, House leading the way with Wilson close behind. And in an instant, House's cane hit a patch of ice, missed by their usually conscientious landlord. Wilson reacted quickly, trying to steady house, but instead of steadying him, House toppled over on top of Wilson and they both hit the pavement.

     House slowly moved off of Wilson and assessed himself. After a quick check he determined he was no more worse for the wear with a bruised knee and a broken cane. But Wilson on the other hand was practically in tears as he cradled what they both assessed and assumed to be a broken arm.


  House joked that it was too bad he was off the Vicodin, since it certainly would have come in handy for Wilson right about now. Wilson glared at him as they carefully made the rest of the short walk to Wilson's car. House got Wilson settled in and buckled to the best of his abilities since he was not the best when it came to his bedside manner, and did not have a cane to help keep his overall balance.

     House got into the drivers side, and drove as quickly as possible to PPTH, much to Wilson's dismay. House could hardly believe that Wilson was worried about traffic laws while his most likely broken arm was in agony.

     On the way, House placed a call to Cameron to let her know that he was coming in with Wilson and his broken right arm and to get the most girly plaster they had on hand ready. Floral or butterfly patterns would be the best he relayed to Cameron. Wilson finally had enough and told House to shut the fuck up and drive.

     House really wished he had a Vicodon or Xanax or something to cool Wilson the fuck out. Wilson rarely swears and House, who knows a think or two about pain, speeds up and shuts up, reluctantly, while Wilson does his own version of concentrated Lamaze breathing.

     Once they arrive, House lets Cameron take over since it isn't exactly life threatening, and he knows he would just be in the way. He also wouldn't actually want to appear that he actually was worried or cared that Wilson was hurt. That would mean he cared about someone other than himself, and that would be a travesty of epic proportions. He is also caneless, so moving about isn't exactly on the top of his priority list.

     So he sits and waits. After a remarkably short period of time, Cameron appeared with a hospital supply cane and a cup of hot chocolate. House almost smiled.

     “Wilson's fine. Just a clean break of the radius. He's getting a cast as we speak and has his own hot chocolate. He is a bit loopy from the Fentanyl.” Cameron smiled. “Wilson's always a lightweight. Beer, liquor . . . . you should have seen him at Chase's bachelor party. Two drinks and he was doing body shots off a stripper. But, you didn't really need to know that.” Cameron laughed. “Chase told me everything he could remember. I'm not bothered about what went on that evening. My evening was just was eventful, shall we say.”

     House raised an eyebrow. “Please tell me you made it with Cuddy, it'd make my decade.” Cameron laughed even harder. “I'm not like you House. I'm not one to kiss and tell.” She smiled. “Enjoy the hot chocolate. You can take Wilson home in about an hour once the cast has set and he's less loopy.” House look a long sip of the hot chocolate and nodded as Cameron walked away.

     “Cameron,” he called after her. She turned back. “Thank you.” She smiled and headed back to the hustle and bustle of the ER.

     House drained the hot chocolate down to the dregs and tossed the cup away. He slowly and gingerly stood up, using the new cane as leverage; slightly sore from where he fell, even if it was mostly on Wilson. Finally upright, he headed back to see his friend.

     Wilson was sitting up, his arm encased in a (boring) plain, white cast, and a slightly dazed look on his face as he stared blankly at the TV screen. “Hey,” House said. “House! Are you ok? No one said anything about you and I . . .” his voice trailed off as he remembered House had driven them both here. He was still a little foggy. “I'm fine, a little sore from where I landed, but you make a good cushion,” House replied.

     Wilson chuckled and grimaced as the movement moved his arm. “It's a clean break Cameron said. I'll be fine.”

     “Yeah,” House said, suddenly very interested in the floor tiles.

     “I'm sorry,” House said quietly.

     Wilson looked directly at House. “There is no reason to be sorry. It was icy. Your cane slipped. It could have very easily been the other way around and then I would never hear the end of it.” That earned Wilson a more pronounced smirk from House.

     “You ready to get out of here,” House asked. Wilson nodded and carefully got off the gurney.

     “We can catch the rest of the game and order take out? Does that sound ok, House?”

     “Sure thing, Wilson. Sure thing.”

     “I have one more request,” Wilson said has they walked slowly out of the hospital.


     “Call the landlord and have him put down extra, extra rock salt.”

      House nodded. “Already done.”

     And they exited the hospital together, each absorbed in their own similar thoughts of how much worse this could have been, especially if they were each still living on their own. They were both still at the point where they'd never admit it, but today, they were both grateful to have each other.


Thank you for reading and commenting. :)
Very cool :) Poor Wilson :) Thanks for sharing :)
Thanks for beta-ing :) and reading and commenting :)
Oooooooooooooooh, great story, sweet and very much in character! Thanks for sharing!!
Thank you so much! :)
I loved the bit about the girly plaster... and we can probably also assume House will be writing rude graffiti on it!

Also Cameron/Cuddy allusions FTW!
You didn't have to read it right away. Lol. Glad
you enjoyed!

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