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Beach Trip

Title: Beach Trip
Author: cindy_lou_who8
Prompt: 36 Wilson drags House to the beach
Rating: PG
Character(s)/Pairing(s): House/Wilson preslash/friendship
Word count: 550
Warnings: vague spoilers for season 6
Disclaimer: Obviously not mine, I can't even afford groceries
Beta: arhh  <3
Summary:  House and Wilson go to the beach



At some point after House had been bunking with Wilson, Wilson decided that it might be nice to get out of Princeton. It was early summer, and Wilson decided some sea and surf were in order, which House was rather opposed to. If he was going to go on vacation he wanted hookers, Vicodin, and bourbon, all of which were out of the question now. He fumed about this for a bit, and was generally miserable to everyone; even more than usual.

As much as he didn’t want to go to the beach, he also didn’t want to ruin the good thing that was going with Wilson. He didn’t even want to talk about the “thing” that was going on with Wilson lest it get ruined. He had only mentioned it in drips and drabs with Dr. Nolan, who was clever enough to put two and two together. So House packed his backpack and agreed to a few days in the Cape May sunshine.


It was hot in the sun and despite Wilson’s lamenting about sunscreen and sun exposure, and carcinoma, Wilson was napping, having been lulled to sleep by the waves. House was hot, cranky, and had sand everywhere conceivable and wanted to cool off in the water. He looked around for an extra towel to dry off with for when he returned, and realized Wilson was sleeping on it. He thought about dumping a bucket of sand over Wilson’s head, but decided that would defeat the purpose of a clean towel.

Instead he limped the short distance to the car where there were a couple of extra towels in the trunk. House opened the trunk and discovered Wilson’s HUGE tub of coupons organized by food product, all in folders with label maker made labels on them. What the fuck . . . . House thought. And people think I'm the one with issues. House rolled his eyes, grabbed two extra towels and limped back to their spot on the sand.

House arrived back to where Wilson was snoozing, tossed the towels down and stripped down to his swimming trunks. He headed the short distance to the water and eased himself in to the cool, summer waters. House enjoyed being in the water, as it took all the weight off his bad leg. He could move around at ease and not have to worry about his pace or the pain. He spent some time floating about in the cool Atlantic until he felt waterlogged, and returned to the blanket and a still sleeping Wilson.

House shook off all over Wilson, rousing him from his nap. “How long have I been asleep?” Wilson sat up, slightly out of it.

An hour or so, long enough for me to be bored out of my skull.” House toweled himself off and decided to save the bit about the coupons as blackmail fodder for another time.

Wilson rolled his eyes. “You're supposed to be relaxing. This is called relaxing.” He smiled and edged slightly closer to House.

Right, relaxing.” House looked over at Wilson, who looked perfectly content. He smiled slightly, and settled back just a little closer to Wilson and listened to the waves. Relaxing, who knew?



Ooooh I love it. This will have to be something l save and read again when it gets annoyingly cold, lol. I love how House doesn't quite get it. I love that he scoots closer to Wilson before he finally does, and even then doesn't quite get it. Adorable.

So much opportunity for yummy fun with a beach fic--thanks for sharing bb! <3
Awww thanks. It makes me feel better to know someone liked it. I wasn't too pleased with this and it took me FOREVER to write for some reason.

Thanks bb <3
This makes me long for summer.

Wilson’s HUGE tub of coupons... That just made me smile.
LOL thank you!

When phinnia was visiting we saw this woman with a tub like that in her car and I said I would put it in a fic. So I finally did. :)
Very nice picture you've painted for us.
Thank you and thank you for reading!
Sweeeeet! I love the beach. I can see them in my mind's eye now. ♥
:) Thank you for reading!
Oh, how adorable! I love it, I love the 'relaxing, who knew?', that's really insightful and great, thanks SO much for sharing!
:) Thank you
HOW DID I MISS THIS? I just dropped by 'cause I was wondering about you and I just adore beach fic, it's one of my faves and this is done so well! Tub of coupons omg!

<3 <3 <3 I love you and hope you're feeling better than you were a few days ago <3
Awww thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the fic.

I am feeling a little better than the other day, still not 100%, thank you for asking <3 ILU too

You should send me your address so I can send you a Christmas card!
Thank you and thanks for reading!
Very nice story. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you for reading. I appreciate it. <3

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